You can check the service availability of your area while selecting your pin code when you place your order.
You can check for an estimated date of delivery on the product description page by entering your pin code. Date of delivery may vary from product to product and is also dependent on the pin code of the delivery address. We try our best to delivery your orders as earliest.
A Delivery fee is the amount that is charged to a customer, aside from the order total, to cover shipping and handling costs. We are not charging any delivery charges for orders above Rs.1000. As a goodwill gesture to our new customer, we do not charge any delivery fee for your first order.
Delivery fee for an order is calculated based on the order value and product category/type. We are not charging any delivery fees for orders above Rs.1000 and for your first order.
In case of complete cancellation of order, delivery fee will be refunded to you along with the product amount you paid. In case of return of already delivered product, delivery fee will not be refunded, only product amount will be refunded.
No coupon/discount/offer is required to avail this offer. The order value should be more than Rs.1000 to get the free delivery.
Delivery fee will not be refunded, in case of both complete/partial return of order, as it is charged as a service for the order which has been already delivered..